Declaration of Principle



The editorial board of  Teoria & Prassi  (Theory and Praxy) review and the Circolo Lenin (Lenin Group) of Catania, in their meeting of February 2008 have decided to merge and give birth to Piattaforma Comunista  (Communist Platform).


The main task of Piattaforma Comunista  is the theoretical and political struggle for the formation (making), in our country, of a strong communist party, as a working class, independent, revolutionary, political party. A party which must be the fighting, organized and conscious vanguard working class sector, able to gain such an acknowledgement thanks to the struggle and daily work, the development of all the theoretical and practical aspects, the effective capacity of steering and guiding  the masses into victory in the proletarian revolution and the construction of socialism, in the conditions of proletariat dictatorship, up to the classless society, communism.


To this end, Piattaforma Comunista takes as its aim to stimulate the unification of all true communists and vanguard workers, organizations, groups, (circles), who are consistently on the revolutionary positions of marxism-leninism, in order to overcome fragmentation and sectionalism, in the active conditions for the reconstruction of a strong communist party.


In order to fulfil these tasks and achieve such aims, Piattaforma Comunista will firmly base itself on the working class, the union of working class movement with the communist movement, the organization of advanced workers, young revolutionaries, intellectuals who are resolute in breaking with bourgeoisie and uniting to proletariat.


Piattaforma Comunista stands in continuity with the best struggling, ideological, political traditions of the communist and working class movement in our country: from Antonio Labriola to Antonio Gramsci, from the foundation of  P.C.d’I. (Communist Party of Italy) in Livorno in 1921 (which has been the working class revolutionary vanguard party) to the victorious Resistance against nazi-fascism, from the battle against Togliatti’s revisionism to the right decision to build P.C.d’I. (m-l) in 1966, up to the half-a-century struggle carried out by marxist-leninists to raise the banner of revolution, socialism and the reconstruction of the party against the spreading of revisionism and opportunism.


Piattaforma Comunista acknowledges and defends the practical experience, concepts and lines thanks to which the international working class and communist movement has conquered great victories, from Marx’s International to Paris’s Commune, from the period of formation of the communist movement in the II International to the October Socialist Revolution, from the III Communist International to the building of socialism in U.S.S.R., from the victory against nazi-fascism to the building of the socialist field, from Cominform to the struggle against modern revisionism (which was officially adopted at the XX Congress of P.C.U.S. in 1956) up to the present International Communist Movement and its most advanced and consistent expression, the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (I.C.M.L.P.O.).


Piattaforma Comunista defends and continues these glorious traditions and experiences of struggle, going on with the struggle against imperialism and reaction, religious obscurantism, revisionism, opportunism,, reformism, economism, spontaneous political activism, adventurism, militarism and all the other deviations from marxism-leninism.


Piattaforma Comunista raises the banner of proletarian internationalism, struggling above all against its “own” imperialism, adopts “Quito Declaration  as an ideological-political basis for the international communist movement, acknowledges the line and activity of  I.C.M.L.P.O. and intends to develop brotherly relations with communist parties and organizations all over the world.


Piattaforma Comunista takes as a guide for its own action the marxist-leninist principles and values which must be applied to the practical situation and acknowledges the historical and dialectic materialism conception of the world, as it has been defined and developed by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, for the complete unity in the ideological field and the vanguard theory steady progress.


On the basis of the Plan of general programme, the Programme of action and its work in the various fronts of class struggle, Piattaforma Comunista will help in clarifying, developing and making always more concrete the ideological, political, programmatic and organizational prerequisites

of the future communist party, consistently with the ideological and political line, the strategic indications, the analyses and positions stated in issues 7 to 18 of Teoria & Prassi, in the pamphlets and other documents adopted in the formation meeting.


The organizational guide principle of Piattaforma Comunista is democratic centralism, included in its set of rules. It is  an active group of militants, able to strictly tie theory to social practice, to develop an adequate communist political initiative, proposals of struggle and organization, among the masses and their structures, taking active part in the fight between social classes in order to make the revolutionary forces indispensable to the attainment of the strategic aims: achievement of political power by the proletariat and its allies, for the construction of socialist society. 


Piattaforma comunista considers it as fundamental the preparation and the continuous theoretical and political improvement of its own militants. Piattaforma Comunista’ official organs are the theoretical review Teoria & Prassi, the political journal Scintilla (Spark) and its  web site (at present  at this address:


Piattaforma Comunista asks communists and the proletariat most advanced and fighting part  to join Piattaforma Comunista; it addresses the true communists who still support the social democratic and opportunist parties of  bourgeois left so that they take note of reality and act consequently, breaking neatly and definitively with these parties and making propaganda for this breaking among their rank-and-file members, in order to lead  together with the marxist-leninists the struggle for the reconstruction of the communist party and for proletarian socialism.


February 2008