Communicate from the Communist Platform of Italy





            Recent events in the Caucasus and questions posed by the war between Georgia, allied of the USA, and Russia, demands to take a clear position.

            First of all we must be conscious of the reactionary and imperialist nature of this war. This is a war for the distribution of influence zones and the resources (the oil reserve of the Caspian Sea, the second ones after Persian Gulf’s reserves): This war, incubated since years, is the continuation by other means of the politics of the great foreign powers and the internal struggle of its dominating classes.

            Particularly for the USA this is the continuation of its politic of enclosing and isolation of Russia, the control of the energetic resources and the transport channels in a region midway between Europe and Asia.

            North-American imperialism uses its military, politic and economic weight in the struggle for the sharing of the zone in its favor. It wants to affirm its domination in the region, reinforce its military presence and maintain its world supremacy by weakening its imperialist competitors which depends on the oil and the gas.

            The free way to the Georgian offensive, is in fact one more act of the “infinite war”, after the Iraq and Afghanistan ones; a war promoted by the interest of the military-industrial complex and the oil monopoles, supported by Zionism.

            As for Putin and Medvedev, after having economically reinforced themselves, they try to break the barrier raised by their competitors, reestablishing their influence on the energetic resources from which they had been expelled. Without any doubts, with the military strike-back in Georgia and the recognition of Abjazia and South Ossetia, they have reinforced their position in the zone.

            We are witnessing an inter-imperialist conflict, independently on who has initiated the armed aggression (in this case the Georgian marionette Saakashvili); the roots of this conflict have their origin in the politic followed by the great foreign powers since the collapse of the soviet revisionism until now.

            The theories from who defends the purely “defensive” nature of the Russian imperialism in order to safeguard its threatened interests in its borders are wrong. This is a position which is typical from the opportunists. The “defensive” nature of the Russian military action is not what Lenin indicated, because Russia is not an oppressed state, which is deprived of its rights, struggling against a greater power, so it cannot be defended in any way.

            Russia is an imperialist country which is preparing, with all the means it got (which are not different from the ones of its North-American, European and Asiatic imperialist rivals) for conflicts of greater dimension. The action of the Russian bourgeoisie has got no progressive nature.

            At the same time it is necessary to remind that between the USA and the others foreign powers like Russia, Germany, France, Japan, China, Italy, etc, are differences of strength, of military capacity, of political positions, etc, etc, but not of quality. They are no countries “less imperialists” tan others.

            The conflict in the Caucasus is comprehended into the tendency of the imperialist war, of the new distribution of the world, that characterize the last decades as the consequence of the imbalance created by the collapse of the revisionist USSR.

            In order to get out of the economic and financial crisis, which is getting deeper, the imperialism resorts more and more frequently to war. At the same time, the conflict in the Caucasus stresses the rivalry and the contradictions between foreign imperialist powers, creating the conditions for bigger conflicts.

            The second aspect that must be underlined, is the question of the auto determination of the nations that have nothing to see with the real motivation of the war, which is a war of the oppressors of the most of the nations in the world for  the reinforcement and extension of their oppression. The bourgeoisie is trying to hide its eagerness for pillage with lies about the “liberty and the national independence” of this or that nation. What they really want is to oppress the nationality and not to liberate it. The USA and Russia do not fight for the auto determination of the peoples of the region, but to oppress them and include them into their respective strategic areas, yet as a military force, yet as instruments of diplomatic and political-economical pressure.

            The imperialism is oppression for the peoples that suffer also the political tyranny of the corrupt regimes that governs them. The peoples of the region are all victims of the imperialist domination that suffocates them, their liberty, their sovereignty, their culture and their right for life and peace.

            To recognize the right for the auto determination of the peoples of Abjazia and South Ossetia, is fair; but no political support can be given, from a communist and internationalist point of view, to the national bourgeoisies that want to take refuge under the “protective” shelter of Putin’s Russia, who cynically pretend to tutelary the army and the peoples.

            In this case, this is not about a fight for conquering the national independence from al the imperialist states. If it would be like that, we communists should give them all our political support; but today, any nationality from the Caucasus that choose to take shelter into any of these imperialist powers fighting against the others, will be dependent of this power and become a protectorate, as in the case of Kosovo. At the same time we have to unmask the positions in favor of the “territorial integrity of Georgia”, supported by who has favored with all means the disintegration of Yugoslavia and Iraq!

            At last, we must signal that there have been many manifestations of contradictions into the occidental field, particularly between the USA, in an offensive strategy, and the EU searching for an agreement, in spite of being in the same field, with the NATO. Particularly the Italian bourgeoisie, in a position of weakness, has shown herself as very worried by allying with the French and German positions. It is clear that the government of Berlusconi is trying to have its feet in two shoes: into the NATO and as a friendly client of Russia who with he does not want to have antagonism… It will be difficult to maintain this balance in when the NATO will spread in the Caucasus, the anti-missile shield will become a reality and the conflict will extend to Ukraine, Moldavia, etc.

            In this sense the reactionary and military forces, connected to the USA and the Vatican (well represented in the Democratic Party)      are working on a bigger alignment and subordination with the NATO, and they are taking the opportunity to deviate the attention from the growing dissatisfaction inside the country and to break the resistance mass movement.


We call for mobilization! We must not allow our country to be an accessory of the raise to a war which is opposite to the interests of workers and peoples! We refuse to pay the price of the military adventure of the bourgeoisie!


Stop the “infinite war” for oil! USA, Israel and NATO out of the Caucasus! No the expansion of the NATO and to the anti-missile shield! No to Russia’s imperialist and chauvinist voracity! Out of the NATO and the EU! North-American bases out of out of our territory! No to the raise of the military expenses in detriment of social expenses and salaries! Next to the peoples in fight against imperialism!

Let’s conquer a better society, without exploitation, misery nor oppression and pillage wars! For socialism!


ˇLet’s rebuilt the Communist Party!


August 2008