"Revolution is a rejoicing for the oppressed and exploited people"


Ninety years ago the October Socialist Revolution opened a new chapter in the history of mankind. Since those days which “shook the world” and broke the world-wide front of imperialism, nothing is left as before.

The importance of the October Revolution, its international characteristic, lies in the fact that it has marked for the first time the passage from the old capitalist world to the new socialist world in which the exploitation of man over man has been abolished.

The October Revolution has shown that it's possible and necessary to overthrow the imperialist bourgeoisie, that the proletariat can seize power and rule successfully without and against the bourgeoisie, can build socialism in spite of capitalist encirclement.

The October Revolution has opened a new age: the age of proletarian revolution in the capitalist and imperialist countries, of the national and colonial revolutions made under the proletariat direction and under the banners of internationalism in dependent countries.

Last century events have shown, against  all the lies of revisionism and opportunism, the world-wide historical meaning of the October Socialist Revolution. That event has marked and continues to mark an epochal turning point in the means of struggle and in the type of organization, mentality, culture, habits, traditions of exploited and oppressed classes all over the world. Thanks to the Soviet October it has been accomplished  - in the struggle for the liberation of the working class and peoples from the imperialist exploitation and oppression - a decisive step up, which  keeps all its value  today.


This is why we communists who acknowledge:

-          class struggle as the motor power of history;

-          proletarian revolution as a necessary form to suppress the old capitalist relations of production and open the way to the new socialist society;

-          the rightness of F. Engels' words, according to which the  revolutionary violence of the masses “is the tool by which the movement of society is fulfilled and which breaks stiffened and dead political forms”;

-          that the proletariat  in the course of its revolution must throw down the dominion of the bourgeoisie, deprive it of all its political and economic power, break its State apparatus and give birth to the proletarian State based on worker and popular Councils;

-          that in order to accomplish the tasks of revolution, to build socialism  and to head for communism, the classless society, is necessary the dictatorship of proletariat, that is the power of the most revolutionary class among all the classes;

-          that it is impossible to get rid of capitalism, without getting rid of  reformism, social democracy and revisionism;

-          the necessity of the Communist Party, indispensable instrument to guide the masses in the struggle for power and to win;

-          the necessity of the struggle against his own imperialism as a first duty of every internationalist;


we who are convinced that the present world is laden with revolution, that the only way out from imperialist barbarity is the socialist revolution, that the XXI century will be the century of proletarian and popular revolutions, that the proletarian revolution is a problem which has been set and must be resolved in our country, too,


-          we want to recall, in a joint and militant way, the 90th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution, presenting its reasons again and emphasizing all its relevance to the present day.



The 90th anniversary of the October Revolution comes in a time of wild anticommunist campaign, of denigration of the historical legacy of the communist and worker movement, of demonization of revolution and socialism, of rewriting of history.

The in-depth motives of this campaign are in the general crisis of capitalism becoming acute, in the impossibility on the part of the dominant class to give an answer to the material and cultural requirements of the large masses, in the aim to ideologically and politically disarm the working class and the popular masses, fearing that their reawakening energies might turn to proletarian socialism again.

Therefore it is necessary to mark this anniversary in a particular way, making it up-to-date and binding it to the actual situation, in order:


- to give an answer to the anticommunist offensive of the bourgeoisie, on which is based every reactionary and fascist movement;

- to denounce the authoritarian  legislation aiming at interfering with and prohibiting the activity of parties and organizations which proclaim themselves communist, the political criminalization and repression of communists, revolutionaries, antifascists, under the pretext of “anti-terrorism” measures;

-  to defend the political liberties and the right to existence and  legal activity of communists;

-  to actively resist the liquidation of the conquests and political, economical, social and welfare liberties the working class and popular masses have won with their struggle for emancipation;

-  to struggle against the imperialist war and the attacks to the peoples, taking sides with their resistance;

-  to struggle against the bourgeois government in charge and against all the anti-worker and anti-popular measures taken;

-  to struggle against the shattering of the communist movement and the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois anti-party ideology, stimulating the process of the unity of communists.


     For all this we intend to promote a series of activities including:


     -   the making of a propaganda manifesto;

     -   the promotion of cultural activities, concerts, debates after a film;

     -   a series of meetings and debates at a local level;


which will come to an end with:


a meeting-debate on the subject «Another world is possible and necessary: the socialism!», which will take place in Rome, on Saturday November 10,  at 4,30 p.m., at the «Villaggio Globale» (Lungotevere Testaccio); at 9,30 p.m., a theatrical performance and a concert.


According to that we invite all communists, advanced workers, revolutionary young people, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist, true progressive and democrat people, to agree to our appeal and join our activity in order to build together the various initiatives for the 90th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution.


Promoters: Circolo Lenin (Catania), Partito dei CARC, Proletari Comunisti, Teoria & Prassi


Adherents: Sindacato Lavoratori in Lotta, La Linea Rossa Genova/per il Partito, Associazione Solidarietà Proletaria, Bollettino Operai Auto-organizzati Mira-Marghera, Edizioni Lavoro Liberato, compagni per il Soccorso Rosso proletario Venezia-Veneto, Cpo Experia, Cpa FI Sud, nuova unità, Iniziativa Comunista, Marco Sacchi, Adriana Chiaia, Mirco Panizzi,  Paolo Dorigo, Massimiliano Scandurra, Patrizia Cassinera


To join write to: novantesimoanniversario@yahoo.it